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MyAutomation.Solutions provide professional civil engineering services to, infrastructure development, Architectural design or any other engineering project. We specialize in CAD conversion, Construction drawings, land development, 3D modelling, rendering, contour maps, network maps for the storm, water, gas, electric or conversion services, Residential, commercial, or industrial, we work on all sort of projects.

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Pharma Serialisation, Aggregation and Track & Trace with Antares Vision and Crest Solutions
Solving industry problems with innovative solutions
How Manufacturers Solve Business Problems using Internet of Things (IoT)
Low Voltage Switchgear Arc Flash Solutions
Technical Challenges of Additive Manufacturing
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Remote Technical Training
By using an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) gateway, or a remotely-controlled PC, critical skill-based training can be made available to engineering students anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

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Arc Flash
Most engineers, technicians, and factory workers have  many stories about industrial injuries, such as shock or burns, that occurred on the manufacturing floor, construction, maintenance, or testing.

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Information Technology and Operational Technology Convergence
The traditional definitions of information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) need to be explored and revised to allow these two groups to work together, not against each other

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KioTek Digi Networks is a technology based company founded with a vision of creating more opportunities for young aspiring engineers to develop and grow the business in the field of automation technologies.


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MyAutomation.Expert is an integrated platform that would enable an employer in manufacturing industries to hire an expert who applies for the job online to quickly resolve technical faults and issues.


The global marketplace for learning and teaching through online on the latest Automation Technologies.

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