My Automation Solutions provides a wide range of verified automation solutions from different domains. It also gives a rich experience of user friendly interface that makes to access the solution for your problem easily.

The mobile application is under development.

Yes, you can submit your problems as whitepapers in My Automation Solutions.

On the home screen menu bar there is a tab called Post Your Problem. You can fill the form and submit admin will verify it and send a confirmation mail.

Yes, we will intimate you through an email if your whitepaper gets a solution.

Yes, you can submit your Solutions using My Automation Solutions and our highly experienced technical team will verify the solutions and send you an approval/ disapproval email for your solutions.

The simple solutions are for free, but the complex solutions are paid. We also provide technical assistance for paid solutions.

No, the listing of solutions is free in My Automation Solutions. When your solution is a paid one and then we will have commission on it. (On Sale)

The payment is done manually. When you purchase any solution the we will manually send the payment details by email, once the payment is done we will provide the access to the solution.