Post Your Solution

Process of Submitting a Solution

1.Register as a Solution Provider

To submit a solution, you must first register as a solution provider with MyAutomation.Solutions. You will get an email notification after this stage.

2.Wait for approval

The admin will verify your account, and if everything is perfect he will authorize you to be a solution provider. You will get an email notification after this stage.

3.Submitting Solution

Once the admin gives you the permission to provide a solution, then you can submit your solution. Go through this manual to know how to submit a solution.

4.Wait for Solution Approval

After submitting the solution, our technical team will review it and let you know whether it will be published or rejected. You will get an email notification regarding it.

Benefits for solution provider

Sell your Solutions

Original solutions that solve complex automation problems, can earn income for you.

Give Support

When any user accesses your solution, you can provide the required support through MyAutomation.Solutions.

Earn Money

Our global community will have easy access your solution, increasing your earnings potential.