Enhancing overcurrent protection with NFPA 70

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Burning of a wire due to overcurrent
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Problem Statement:

Overcurrent is a big problem for electrical devices. They can lead to permanent damage to the motors and electrical devices. A few of the symptoms of overcurrent in a motor are shorts, blown fuses and unintended switching on and off of the motor. Overcurrent is a common problem in AC motors and other electronics.

Solution Overview:

Mistakes, particularly in the electrical field, can be dangerous and costly to workers and a facility. This is why the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70: National Electrical Code (NEC) Section 240.87, Incident Energy Reduction, is so significant. It was introduced to the NEC in 2011 as the first requirement focused on incident energy reduction since ground fault protection of equipment (GFPE) was incorporated into the NEC in 1971. Section 240.87 provides electricians and maintenance workers with the overcurrent protective device technologies necessary to reduce distribution system energy. This mitigates damage to electrical equipment and reduces the potential loss of life and arc flash injuries to workers.

Credits: https://www.controleng.com/articles/enhancing-overcurrent-protection-with-nfpa-70

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