How digitalization helps machine tool builders?

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Problem Statement:

Inside machines and embedded systems: New technologies will drive the digital factory of the future inside a machine in three ways. Greater efficiency and reliability will add value; new services will add revenue.

Solution Overview:

Machine tool builders have seen a lot of information about the emerging concept of digitalization. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) engineering and management teams can view this technology and its impact in three ways as it shapes future production and sales processes. Digitalization will help:

  1. As a viable means of building a more effective, more reliable, and more predictable machine from the design phase through the machine’s lifecycle;
  2. Add definable value, as machine tool builders offer better ways to present their value proposition to customers;
  3. Create new business models for machine tools use, as digitalization demonstrates to customers what they can do with data and how better to position the machine’s value to customers to sell more services, optimize machine uptime, and track the performance of equipment in the field, all of which lead to improving the customer machine experiences.


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