Reduce energy consumption with fault detection and diagnostics

Fault detection in a Mother Board
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Problem Statement:

Extra energy consumption can be a big issue for industries. Some of the industries have understood the importance of energy and how it affects there financials. Many suppliers offer meters and software for tracking energy usage. These software products allow for the creation of very nice energy dashboards and support the use of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones that allows key personnel to monitor energy usage. What does it really take, though, to decrease energy consumption?

Solution Overview:

The real key to energy-smart buildings is to be able to determine when the energy consuming equipment in a building not operating at maximum efficiency. This is called fault detection & diagnostics (FDD), which uses the existing information available about the equipment, detects in real-time when an operational issue exists that is causing an increase in energy consumption. With this information, the facility maintenance team can schedule the corrective action to bring the equipment back into normal energy usage parameters. This sounds almost too logical and seems to make perfect sense, but does take the right software tools and a vision within the facility to take action on the issues identified.


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