Threat intelligence is a critical organizational need

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Problem Statement:

Continuous threat intelligence collection, analysis, and optimization can help organizations improve cybersecurity measures. Cybersecurity managers face many challenges, with corporate boards demanding awareness of cyber risks, faster processing of complex data, and efficiently managed services for an increasing number of intelligent devices. Security teams are in a better position to defend their organizations against threats if they take the proper preventive measures. Tools and staff need to be augmented with threat intelligence.

Solution Overview:

Threat intelligence is no longer just for large, well-funded organizations. It is now required to be an overall component of mitigation strategies for all businesses that operate within this evolving technological environment. Small businesses are able to access credible threat intelligence sources that can be based on an organization’s profile and supply chain. Critical data that used to be in a secured data center now moves across an increasingly complex ecosystem of networked environments including the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud servers, virtualized environments, and mobile devices.


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